Management consulting Dr. Frank Lugert

Complex challenges
require immediate solutions

Do you own a company or are you a partner, managing director or member of your company’s supervisory, advisory or executive board? Have you ever been confronted with a challenge in your company that requires immediate action? And have you ever been unable to find a clear-cut solution?

If left to develop over a long period of time, a situation like this can often threaten a company’s survival or, at the very least, put the long-term success of the company at risk. This is why highly complex challenges urgently require solutions. While time constraints frequently make it impossible to weigh up the pros and cons of all the conceivable approaches, there is invariably only one feasible solution that can resolve all the issues involved in equal measure.

Using just a few key data analyses and in-depth discussions with you and your management team, I can identify what is at the heart of the challenge you are facing, and how it is likely to develop. This allows us to quickly find the one viable solution out of a number of possibilities, and to discuss it in detail. In addition to supporting you in the short term with implementing the solution, I would be happy to build a long-standing partnership with you to help you overcome future challenges.