#1 To be frank: Your ambition is the driver

#1 To be frank: Your ambition is the driver

Competition, comparison, pressure – external factors like these can take you right to the top of your game. But if you plan on staying there, it’s a force from the inside that makes all the difference.

Real ambitions come from within yourself, no one else. Having to do something not because you must, but because there is nothing you would rather do. Ambition is crafted by the desire for achievement by creating something (assuming you don’t display psychopathic tendencies, that is). Well-defined goals as well as key targets along the way are what differentiate between a mere idea and its realization. Knowing your ambitions and letting yourself be spurred on by them makes any kind of forced discipline imposed from the outside superfluous, as the joy of dealing with what you are doing drives you from one milestone to the next in an evolution that is as substantial as it is sustainable. This is, in fact, how you can take it to the next level and let what drives you work for others, for your clients, their businesses, organizations and employees.

Know this feeling, or find your ambition.

Recommendation on the topic:

Assig, D. and Echter, D. (2012). Ambition: Wie große Karrieren gelingen. Campus Verlag.

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